Session 1: Refinery
Beth Hunt, Caleb Runyon, Daniel Selden

The session started a year after landing on the planet and setting up a settlement in the middle of the city. Dr. Yorke gave the group a job to find an alternate fuel source for the engines from Terra. He felt some tremors from what he believed could be a refinery nearby.

The group set out in a Jeep to find this and came across a robot that, after getting over a language barrier and deciding to not run it over, was able to give them the directions needed.

Once they arrived at the refinery, the group decided to park up near the entrance of it. Unfortunately for them, the automated defense lasers opened fire on them as soon as they came into range. Luckily, Daniel managed to move the vehicle to safety with limited damage done to it.

After a heated discussion, Beth and Caleb got out of the Jeep as Daniel decided to simultaneously fire at the the lasers and ram the door with the vehicle as fast as he could. He failed miserably on both accounts and ended up having to be saved by Beth and Caleb. It worked.

As the group entered the refinery, Caleb and Daniel were attacked by an autonomous defense robot while Beth attempted to enter through a side window. Luckily she got in without detection. Unfortunately, it took too long for her to actually help Caleb and Daniel. They destroyed the robot.

Beth made up for the late entry to combat by attacking a robot with a crane. The robot tipped over and did not move. Beth felt bad.

Daniel and Caleb ended up in the basement of the refinery with the drums of fuel. They find a tanker and a robot to load it. Daniel attempts to learn how to pilot the tanker and accidentally brutally destroys the robot that is kindly helping them. Beth feels bad again. Caleb and Daniel figure out how to drive and leave the basement in the tanker.

Beth goes upstairs in the elevator and looks through the office upstairs. Eventually she finds two glowing, green rods and pockets them. She joins Caleb and Daniel outside.

Daniel haphazardly drives the tanker back to the town while Caleb and Beth take the Jeep back. They get back without incident. Dr. Thompson is now starting work on the fuel.


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