The refinery (or whatever it is) is a simple, three floor building. The entrance to the building is on the ground floor. Downstairs in the basement, and upstairs is some office space.

The outside is fairly unremarkable and had two short-range laser sentries that have since been taken out of commission. The front door has been bent in by a jeep crashing into it and was opened shortly after.

The main floor had two robots guarding the building. Only one of them ever activated and the other was knocked over by a crane. The main facet of this floor is the conveyor belt going from the mining shaft to the storage center in the basement.

The basement is where the drums of harvested material is being stored. The drums are slightly warm and seem to be pressurized.

The upstairs offices have been rifled through, but the computer system embedded in the desk has not been thoroughly explored yet. The drawers were empty.

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